Kennel Club Good Citizen

The Kennel Club Good Citizen AwardSince the launch of the Kennel Club's nation-wide training programme in 1992 for dogs and their owners, the Good Citizen Dog Scheme has become an outstanding success.

Over 52,000 dogs have successfully passed the test which is administered through 1,050 training organisations.

The Scheme brings together simple exercises such as basic dog training, grooming, exercise, diet, cleaning up after the dog and general healthcare. All dogs are eligible for Good Citizen training, be they pedigree or cross-breed, young or old.

The Scheme which is not competitive incorporates four awards - BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and Puppy Foundation Assesment. Each level involves a gradual development in our understanding of dogs.

A trained dog is a happy dog and remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

This is Eddie (Gaesten Friendly Fellow), owned and trained by Sally. Eddie is one of the first Lagotto to achieve the Good Citizen bronze, silver and gold awards.

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